New Women's History Trading Cards and a Kickstarter coming soon!

New Women's History Trading Cards and a Kickstarter coming soon!

Last March, the first Persistent Sisters women's history trading cards were released. The response was overwhelming. Realizing that this was an idea that people were interested in, I wanted to make it better, improve on the design, and make Persistent Sisters more interesting to girls. I teamed up with Departika, a design and branding agency, and brought my 12 year old daughter and a few of her friends into the rebranding process. They were full of ideas of how to build the Persistent Sisters community, and what would make the cards more interesting and attractive to their peers.

I am also the mother of a fourteen year old boy. Ironically, it was watching my son that sparked the idea that led to this project. For a few years, he has been an enthusiastic collector and trader of sports cards. This was not something I paid much attention to at first, but over time, I began to notice, and eventually to positively marvel at the community that has developed around this hobby. Connecting first over the internet, my son has made friends around the country, mailing and receiving trading cards almost every day.

I found myself wishing that my daughter had an interest and a community that was like this. Would it be possible to create a similar sense of community and interaction for young women, a virtual place where they could share stories and motivation, and maybe even find inspiration? Like so many of us, I wish my daughter knew more -- I wish I knew more -- about all the amazing women in history, and their accomplishments. Bringing together my background in art and illustration and this inspiration from my two kids, a girl and a boy, I developed the first series of trading cards depicting trailblazing women, assisted by a friend who guided me through the production process. 

The Kickstarter, set to launch on October 17, will feature beautiful new cards, engaging packaging, randomized sets of cards to encourage trading, and lots of great girl power perks. But my real hope was and is that a community of young women could develop around collecting and trading these cards, that a community of young Persistent Sisters will be inspired, motivated and connected through the trading cards. So, spread the word, and stay tuned for more information about the campaign soon!